Enjoy Gastropub Bites and Cocktails at The Point Towson

The Point Towson may be a bar first and foremost, but that doesn't mean its food takes a backseat to the libations. The chef crafts upscale gastropub fare with the same care and precision that the mixologists use to create their artisan cocktails. This second installment of The Point (which stems from the original location in Baltimore, debuted about two months ago) so it's time to come check it out.

Come and grab a few tapas to share, like the Maryland crab dip with soft pretzels and veggies for dipping and the Asian barbecue edamame with a citrus-ginger barbecue sauce. Complement the small bites with a Jameson-infused cocktail like the Prince Oberyn with Jalapeno-Honey Jameson, lemon juice, and agave. If you're still hungry, dig into a larger entree like the five-ounce filet mignon, the sake-miso black cod, or the mac and cheese flecked with applewood smoked bacon and topped with your choice of meat or seafood.