Crunch Into a Classic Cannoli at Vaccaro’s

When it comes to Italian sweets, Vaccaro's offers some of the most decadent and authentic treats in Bel Air. That's thanks to its late founder Gioacchino Vaccaro. He grew up in Palermo, Italy enjoying Italian desserts and cuisine that he and his family crafted in their own kitchen. When he came to Baltimore and opened Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop in the '50s, those family traditions came with him.

When Gioacchino passed away in 1985, his son, Nick, took over the family business. Today, Nick and his team carry on his father's legacy by continuing to craft traditional Italian desserts. Some of the most popular sweets are the cannolis, overflowing with sweet ricotta cheese cream and sprinkled with chocolate chips. They come in a variety of ways at Vaccaro's, including as cannoli chips and dip. The rum cake is another staple at the bakery, a three-tiered creation that's soaked in rum and infused with vanilla and chocolate custard, then encrusted with almonds. Come to Vaccaro's to enjoy something sweet, or sink your teeth into a panini or other savory eat from the cafe.