Savor a Slice of Chicken Parm Pizza at Pasta Mista

At Pasta Mista, Italian classics come in all different formats. The chef delights in crafting mash-ups of traditional Italian dishes — case in point: the chicken parm pizza. The pie's thin, New York-style crust conveys a hefty helping of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, plus chunks of breaded chicken smothered with even more gooey cheese.

You can even enjoy your pasta atop a pizza. The ziti and sausage pizza takes a unique pasta dish and piles it atop a golden-brown crust. If you're more of a traditional eater, opt for the cheese pizza, the home-style lasagna, or the chicken Alfredo. Regardless of what you order at Pasta Mista, you can expect it to be prepared quickly and with care thanks to the hardworking team in the kitchen at this local eatery.