You Simply Must Try the Famous Peach Cake at Fenwick Bakery

Fenwick Bakery in Parkville has a long and rich history serving up bread, pies, cookies, and decorated cakes for over 100 years. The story begins in 1905, when Ernest and Alvena Uebersax opened their bakery to create well-loved recipes and dedicated customer service.

Their famous Peach Cake is available in July, August, and early September, and is one of the most well-loved menu items. The bakery slices up to 1,500 pounds of ripe peaches per week from Susquehanna Orchards in Delta, PA and sells anywhere from 24 to 30 sheet pans of their special Peach Cake on a typical Saturday. Another favorite is the Marshmallow Donut, consisting of a fluffy donut base stuffed with light, creamy marshmallow filling.

The family-owned, old school bakery makes everything in-house daily, including glazes, fillings, and dough. Locals also love the affordable prices, such as $1 donuts and day old bread deals.